The gateway is the module that connects all the iMIND devices to the cloud, where the servers where the data for the iMIND platform are collected are located.

This module can integrate various wired and/or wireless communication technologies, as needed, such as WiFi, RF 434/868MhZ, Ethernet, LoRa or GPRS 2G-4G.

Its installation can be done indoors or outdoors, connected to an electricity outlet. Depending on the number and type(s) of communications chosen, the antenna may be integrated into the module itself or be a separate wired connection, allowing it to be placed in a separate location (up to 3 meters) from where the module is installed . The range of the signal depends entirely on the surrounding environment, and can cover distances of several kilometers.

MIND collaborates with agents, administrators and users to create an integrable and highly adaptable system. Beyond the technological catalog shown, combinations of devices can be created and, in the same way, the iMIND platform offers great management versatility, being able to integrate with third-party systems or send information to external servers.


Gateway Modules


  • Dimensions (Length x Height x Width): 8 x 13 x 7 cm3
  • Maximum power: 15W
  • Power: 230V, 50-60Hz
  • Communication: LoRa, Wi-Fi, 4G
  • Possibility of including environmental sensors